PLAMEN DJOUROFF graduated from
the National Academy of Music in Sofia, where he
studied piano with Professor Mara Balsamova,
conducting with Professor Konstantin Iliev and
composition with Professor Marin Goleminov.
He made his debut as a conductor with
the Pleven Philharmonic and worked with this
orchestra for six years. Later on Djouroff was
appointed at the Bulgarian State Agency Muzika.
He took a number of conducting engagements with
prestigious Bulgarian and foreign orchestras,
such as the Mexico Philharmonic, the Havana
Symphony Orchestra, and the symphony
orchestras in Sarajevo, Fensburg, Skopje and
the Leningrad Philharmonic.
In 1988 Djouroff became conductor of the Sofia Soloists Chamber Ensemble, commencing
a tenure that lasts still. He has conducted hundreds of concerts with this extraordinary orchestra,
including tours in Europe, America and Asia, and made a large number, more than 300, radio and
TV recordings of works of Bulgarian and foreign composers.

As a composer Plamen Djouroff wrote mainly instrumental music. His works have been
successfully performed and recorded in many countries. Among the best of his compositions are:
Piano Sonata (1975), Orchestra Elegy (1980), Orchestra Toccata (1982), Orchestra Fantasy (1985),
Four Ballades, Cadenza for Saxophone and Orchestra (1294), etc.